Our Volunteers

We can only have a Volunteer at the end of the phone for part of each weekday. All other times messages can be left on the answer-phone which is checked and responded to twice daily.

The Helpline Volunteer is also able to provide a Drop-In Counselling Service at those times for people who are uncertain about counselling, or who are anxious to talk to someone straightaway.

This is also helpful for people who have referred themselves but are waiting for a counsellor to be allocated to them.
One-to-One Bereavement Support Counselling

Volunteer Counsellors provide support counselling for anyone who has been bereaved though death.

We welcome self-referrals or third party referrals made at the clients request.

We do not work with clients who are undergoing treatment from other professionals, unless we receive a written referral from the person responsible for the treatment. This is to avoid conflict with other professionals work or confusion for the client.

Clients have a number of choices with regards to counselling sessions:

At home or at West Bletchley Well Being Counselling Service, where we rent counselling rooms.

Time of Day
Daytime or evenings.

Frequency of sessions
No more than once a week but to continue as long as it meets the clients needs.

Length of Sessions
No restrictions but usually around 1 hour. 

Waiting Time
There are times when it takes up to 3 months for us to find a Counsellor for a new client, for example during holiday times. We prefer to be able to respond much sooner. However we do keep in-touch with those who are waiting. There is also the option of the Drop-In session.

We make no charge for our service, however clients may wish to make a donation when their counselling Sessions have come to end. These can be sent to the Treasurer of the M.K.B.S.