The list below is of suitable books for Survivors and Professionals. To help the reader further there are indications in the list of country of origin, whether intended for general or "serious" reading and whether the book is specific to suicide  bereavement.

Our hope is to differentiate books that will help the reader select the most suitable book for there purposes and not to patronise the reader. The omission reviews does not reflect negatively on the book, rather that we have not gotten around to reading that particular book.

Country Main Audience Bereavement
 G = GB P = Professional S = Suicide
U = USA R = General Reader B= General
 A = Australia C = Children  


A Wertheimer  A Special Scar Brunner Routlege 15.99 G,R,P,S
 Andrea Kon How to survive bereavement Hodder & St 6.99 G,R,B
Barbara Ward  Healing Grief Vermillion 9.99 G,R,B
 Bety Modill One step at a time Floris 6.99 G,R,B
 Carla Fine No time to say goodbye Doubleday 12.95 U,R,S
 Chance Stronger than Death Avon Books 11.00 U,R,S
Colin Prichard Suicide-the Ultimate Rejection Open University Press 17.99 G,P,S
E Betsy Ross After Suicide Perseus 11.99 U,R,S
Grollman Talking about death Beacon 13.99 U,R,B
Kay R Jameson Night falls first Picador 7.99 U,R,S
Maggie Helen Coping with Suicide Sheldon 6.99 G,R,S
Mark Williams Suicide & Attempted Suicide Penguin 9.99 G,P,S
Perkins & Morris Remembering Mum A & C Black 4.99 G,C,B
Riches & Dawson An Intimate Loneliness Open University 18.99 G,P,B
R O'Conner & N O'Shea Understanding Suicidal Behaviour BPS Blackwell 15.99 G,P,S
Robert Dystra She never said goodbye Highland 2.50 U,R,S
Rosemary Wells Helping Children cope with grief Sheldon 6.99 G,R,B
Sara Swan Miller An empty chair Writers Club 12.99 U,R,S
Sheila Clark After Suicide Hill of Content 8.99 A,R,B
Smolin & Guinan Healing after the suicide Fireside 12.00 U,R,S
Susan Wallbank Facing Grief Lutterworth 9.99 G,R,B
William Styron Darkness Visible First Vintage 5.99 U,R,S
William Warden Grief Counselling Routledge 15.99 U,P,B
William Warden Children and Grief Guilford 15.95 U,P,B